Circus Competencies Catalog Erasmus Plus

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Manual of Motor Capacities in the educational circus

This text aims to analyze the educational circus from the perspective of the most recent theories and methodologies of motor activity.

From this point of view, the four main disciplines of the educational circus will be explored, namely Equilibrium, Acrobatics, Juggling and Physical Theater, creating a basis for the most objective development possible of motor skills connected to circus skills, with the aim of creating a learning path motor skills aimed at the amateur environment, but at the same time capable of laying good foundations for a possible opening to a professional deepening of the aforementioned disciplines.

This text is addressed to all people connected to the pedagogical circus, to the curious, to newbies but above all to those teachers who already have a little familiarity with the subject want to deepen it and “formalize it”, to all graduates in Motor Sciences, Physical Education teachers and sports operators in general and, why not, parents too, who want to enter this wonderful world, capable of providing infinite growth stimuli for children, teenagers and more.

  Motor Capacities Handbook

Core of circus pedagogy